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Trutopia is an interactive working and learning environment. Our sincere hope is to make Trutopia a pleasant and informative place to study, workshop and collaborate, without the nastiness and rancor we have all seen on other screenwriter's forums.

We offer a complete screenwriting course, expert advice from established professionals, interactive writing assignments, script, logline and query workshops, Prodco addresses, leads and on-set jobs, a CHAT ROOM and more. We also feature sections for most other forms of writing.

All we ask is that you sign up using your REAL NAME, complete your profile, and post a BIO and picture in your MEMBER OFFICE.

We have a zero tolerance policy for screen names and anonymity.

This is a non-commercial site.  There is never a cost for Trutopia member services.

While Trutopia is free and open, the operator reserves the right to deny entry and/or revoke the membership of anyone who does not conduct themselves according to the rules of respect for others, or for engaging in activities for which the site is not intended.

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